The children’s dance festival

The dance festival “Svetlana”, designed as annual, does not resemble any other festival that was organized in Russia. Assistance in this festival is a great school, a priceless experience, which are so much necessary for young talents in the beginning of their creative life.

“Adults should not forget about their childhood, about their childish dreams and imaginations. When I was a child, I remembered each theater trip, each performance or voyage and they were for me great events. I remember how I prepared to performances and even then, in my childhood, I realized that I was doing something important, special and close to my heart.

These childhood memories became the ground, on which was born the idea to organize the children’s dance festival “Svetlana”. I wanted to unite different genres and styles of the art of choreography and give to the kids the opportunity to show themselves and get acquainted with other dance collectives of our great country. My dream is to give a small happiness to each young talent who comes to the festival.

Because children love to dance! And may their dreams come true!”

Sincerely yours, Svetlana Zakharova.