Charity Foundation

The Foundation of the People’s artist of Russia, the laureate of the Russian state prize, the prima ballerina of The Bolshoi Theater, the etoile of La Scala, Svetlana Zakharova, is a non-commercial organization having cultural, social, creative, charity and other socially useful objectives.

My charity foundation has existed since December 2011. The idea was born when I was finishing my work as a State Duma Deputy of 5th convocation. I established a scholarship for three best students of the choreographic school of the Saratov College of Arts. The initiative proved to be actual and useful. I decided to continue and develop this direction.

The main activities of the foundation:

The mission of the foundation:

Promotion of the art of choreography development in Russia is based on the realization that ballet is the internationally recognized all-Russia heritage.

The plans of the foundation:

  1. Organization of annual ballet festivals, evenings, photo shows, master classes, ballet art contests, charity auctions and printed editions.
  2. Creation of new ballet projects.
  3. Creation of a ballet school.
  4. Interaction with state authorities and search for an independent source of funding on a long-term basis.

The most notable project of the foundation is the annual children’s dance festival “Svetlana”. It took place first on March 24, 2015, in the concert hall “Russia” of the Sport Palace “Luzhniki”. More than 400 children from different corners of Russia took part in the festival and about 4000 spectators watched this wonderful and picturesque festival.

I thank all for their interest and attention paid to mu charity foundation.

For questions and feedbacks:
+7 (916) 593-61-70